Helping Business Owners Reclaim Their Weekends Without Sacrificing Profit

"I didn't need a friend...

I needed the hard truth… and quality Guidance”

I knew I was lacking my team’s loyalty and was missing out on the important “life things” I never had time for anymore.

This is just what business looks like,” I told myself.

But since I met Armando, we complete more projects than ever before, grew sales by a cool 13% last year… and I’m respected as a leader among my colleagues.

I got my life back.

– Luis Ponce Sr.,

Apple Intel Hispanic Business Magazine and The Mercury News
CRN500, Zig Ziglar Certified, Boy and Girls Club

You know the type,

the ticking time bombs…

Ever met someone whose business is completely running them over? They’re working ridiculous hours with no end in sight—not to mention, burning through cash on their way to bankruptcy.

Hey there. I’m Armando and I’m like a sports coach to these people.  

I help them stick to a game plan that makes them fall in love with their business again… and lets them get back to their family, before they burn out so bad they shut their doors.

Teams Perform

Robert Kiyosaki (Author, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”), says your people should be some of your best assets! Many just need to have their potential unlocked just the right way. 

Sales Emerge

Emerge” is right. My OFTEN™ Framework reveals things that are hidden in plain sight. There’s no reinventing the wheel and you can move quickly.

Profits Grow

Built a business? Then you know the “Build it and they’ll come” mantra doesn’t apply. The OFTEN™ Framework scans, finds and unlocks hidden opportunities for more profit.

Staying on track to hit goals is all possible with the OFTEN Framework
Armando broke down my goals making it easier for me to understand since I have a poor background in business, then steered me in the right direction to make it possible.

As I keep growing in my career, I plan to keep using Armando for coaching
Happy Business Client, Ricardo Rodriguez
Ricardo Rodriguez
Commercial Real Estate