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I help business owners find hidden profits, build loyal teams, and make it home for family dinner every night.

Fortune 500 Companies Armando has worked with
Awards and Ziglar Certified Coach

"I didn't need a friend...


I knew I was lacking my team’s loyalty and was missing out on the important “life things” I never had time for anymore.  

“This is just what business looks like,” I told myself.  

But since I met Armando, we complete more projects than ever before, grew sales by a cool 13% last year… and I’m respected as a leader among my colleagues.

I got my life back.

– Luis Ponce Sr., MindBodyMotion.net

"Armando has walked in our footsteps...
I need help formulating a vision and a plan.
Armando has set us on track to
grow our company to
hit the $10M mark within two years."

Paul Connors ERS CFO Testimonial

Paul Connors, CFO, European Rolling Shutters


Of course. There aren't many things in life that don't have a pattern—a process—and when it comes to building a healthy, profitable business, there's no difference. Every single client who calls on my guidance, I rely on my own step-by-step method. Decades of my own experience are woven into its pillars—both the good and the very humbling.

This has become the lifeblood in my own practice and the proven recipe that has helped, and is currently helping, business owners take the steering wheel and run their organization, lead great teams and revive hidden profits.

Business Growth System

Teams Perform

Robert Kiyosaki (Author, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”), says your people should be some of your best assets! Many just need to have their potential unlocked just the right way. 

Sales Emerge

“Emerge” is right. My OFTEN™ Framework reveals things that are hidden in plain sight

There’s no reinventing the wheel and you can move quickly.

Profits Grow

Built a business? Then you know the “Build it and they’ll come” mantra doesn’t apply. The OFTEN™ Framework scans, finds and unlocks hidden opportunities for more profit.

"...a lot more than just a coach. My lows and highs can be extreme. And I've been super-low... Armando's the only person on the planet that can bring me back into reality (and focusing) again. And he's a prophet! He saw gifts in me (that I later turned into offers) that I would never have seen. Once he got through to me, I shifted the focus of my entire business—and feel tons more fulfilled, to boot."

Drew, Proprietary Method creator

Drew Hudgins, Branding/Digital Marketing Strategist

“Armando broke down my goals, making it easier for me to understand since I have a poor background in business, then [guided me] to make it possible. As I keep growing in my career, I keep relying on Armando for coaching.”

Ricardo Rodriguez, Commercial Real Estate

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