L E A D E R S H I P, B U S I N E S S P R I N C I P L E S & P E R S O N A L S T O R I E S 


Here's the place where you can find some of the lessons I've learned from my own difficult trials and a few lucky wins. I hope they entertain. I hope they help you in some way. 

Dear Procrastinating

Ask and you shall receive. Is it really that easy?
Simple? Yes. ... 

Magic goals don't need to be seen

Is there Any Magic
to Goal-Settng?

To define it, … of or reflecting to an order of existence beyond the visible observable. ... 

Mindset comes in two flavors

Mindset. Available In
Only Two Flavors

According to Carol Dweck, Professor at Stanford University, Mindset is a belief determined by a mental attitude... 

Asking is a Skill required for Success

Since 1st Grade, I've Been Afraid to Ask

I want to share a discovery that I made about why my success in various areas of my life had been limited by ... 

Is Your Governor
Holding You Back?

Back in my day when you rented a U Haul truck, they had governors. The governor limited the truck's speed...

Is there really a shortcut to success?

Is there really a shortcut to success?

Years ago (maybe decades ago), I was struggling in my first job as an electronic technician...

Was I humiliated?

Was I humiliated?

All this time I thought I was afraid of rejection when I was really afraid of being humiliated...

What are you doing about it?

One thing that we find difficult is to stop worrying...

Thoughts in the
midst of fear

During this challenging time we are, as stated by President Trump, at war with an invisible enemy....

"...a lot more than just a coach. My lows and highs can be extreme. And I've been super-low... Armando's the only person on the planet that can bring me back into reality (and focusing) again. And he's a prophet! He saw gifts in me (that I later turned into offers) that I would never have seen. Once he got through to me, I shifted the focus of my entire business—and feel tons more fulfilled, to boot."

Drew, Proprietary Method creator

Drew Hudgins, Digital Content Optimization Expert