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Is a mismatch in personality styles keeping you from achieving what you want?

Discover your personality style and cut out the guesswork on how to best communicate with others. 

Which style is your personality? 

"I didn't realize I was speaking a foreign language with...

.. my coworkers.  Obviously, they didn’t understand me, nor did I understand them. 

It really wasn’t a foreign language but it might has well been; I thought I was clear—and yet the results were not there.

Then came the Night-and-Day difference (after 32 years), when I discovered one, simple thing...

Once I understood their personality styles, I was able to set proper expectations and optimized productivity.

While at first I didn’t think that a personality assessment would help me, I was proven wrong.

I showed the results to my wife and daughters and they totally agreed with the personality style.

What did this mean?

I was able to understand how to better communicate with them and instead of being impatient I was at peace.

instead of being impatient, I was at peace.

Sure it's different, but It beats slippers or Starbucks Gift Certificates

Last Christmas I purchased an assessment for my wife, my daughters and sons in law. They agreed that the results were spot on and encouraged better communication among them.

The Personality assessment that I took is called DISC and it is based on the work of Dr. William Marston who wrote “The Emotions of Normal People” in 1928 after earning his doctorate from Harvard University. He theorized that there are four patterns that drive behavior represented by the four letters, D I S C.

The proper use of DISC is to encourage a person to be their best and to unlock and reveal to them the best ways possible to communicate with others.

This assessment will provide you with your personality traits depicted by DISC which will be a combination of all four. The letters stand for



Dominant, Outgoing
and Task-Oriented

High D:
Driven, Ambitious, Strong-willed

Low D:
Unobtrusive, Cautious, Agreeable

Famous High Ds
Gordon Ramsay
Steve Jobs
Kanye West
LeBron James
Christian Bale



Inspiring, Outgoing
and People-Oriented

High I: 
Enthusiastic, Warm, Persuasive

Low I:
Logical, Matter-of-Fact, Incisive

Famous High I’s
Angelina Jolie
Taylor Swift
Jimmy Fallon
Kelly Ripa
Kurt Warner



Supportive, Reserved
and People-Oriented

High S:
Loyal, Relaxed, Passive, Patient

Low S:
Impulsive, Eager, Flexible, Restless

Famous High S’s
Brad Pitt
Aaron Rodgers
Dr. Drew Pinsky
Scarlett Johannson
Carrie Underwood



Cautious, Reserved
and Task-Oriented

High C: 
Detail Oriented, Conventional, Exacting

Low C: 
Arbitrary, Unbending, Unsystematic

Famous High C’s
Neil DeGrasse Tyson
James Franco
Bill Belichick
Arianna Huffington
Martha Stewart

What’s your personality style?

Learn more about yourself so that you achieve more—whether that’s financial, health, family, spiritual or career. The DISC assessment will support you in reaching your goals.

Discover your style by purchasing the DISC assessment which includes one hour of personalized coaching to get you going on your goals.

DISC Assessment PLUS a 1 Hour one-on-one Implementation Session (phone or web conference) for $95.00

At the conclusion of the coaching and assessment you will have the tools and the knowledge for better communication and pursuing your goals while reducing your stress. As a bonus you will also learn how to read people better so that you can build better teams.

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