Is there really a shortcut to success?

Armando Garcia

Yes. There is!

And it's something that has saved me years, even decades, of wasted trial-and-error time.

mentor is a shortcut to success.  How many mentors have you had, who have significantly impacted your life, helping you overcome struggles and challenges?

Webster has two definitions for mentor.  When capitalized, Mentor is the name of the trusted friend of Odysseus, who was given the task to educate Odysseus' son, Telemachus.

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A mentor is also a trusted counselor or guide.

Years ago (maybe decades ago), I was struggling in my first job as an electronic technician. I wanted to advance; I wanted to move from the assembly line to a customer support position.

Not having any idea how to do this, I made friends with a senior engineering technician and asked if he could help me go further.

He agreed to become my mentor and led me through a process I could not have known without his guidance.

Something worked.

I went from a junior technician to a senior technical support position in less than one year.

Now, I did meet my mentor at his favorite bar after work and treated him to beers and games of Pong.  I even visited his home with a couple of six packs, which he happily drank while he was showing me the ropes and teaching me about the latest technologies.

Is there really a shortcut to success?

His guidance empowered me to move into sales support.  He had passed down his knowledge to me so well that salespeople began relying on me to assist them with selling the product.

This one mentor guided me to professional and financial success early in my career.

What was in it for my mentor?

Only the satisfaction that I took his lead and achieved success

…and maybe some beers.

Think back over your life.  Who are the mentors who have helped you.

We all have them and we just might have forgotten them or not realized that they were there.   Our first mentors are our parents, then possibly family members, and then those who shape us at school.

You've had numerous mentors throughout your life.

Don't forget the ones who have spoken to you through their books. See, a mentor doesn't have to be alive or within proximity.

(We have access to hundreds of mentors through their books, podcasts, YouTube, etc.)

Everyone should have mentors, and everyone should be a mentor.

You have traveled a unique road and your knowledge and experience can help someone else travel that road with you as a guide.

Let's recall that Odysseus entrusted Mentor with the education of his son, Telemachus, to instill heroic strength.  The goddess Athena appeared to Telemachus disguised as Mentor, to hide from his mother, and encouraged him to stand up to his Mother’s suitors. Without Athena as Mentor, Telemachus would have faced certain death.

Being a mentor enriches and saves lives.

You can choose a richer life by being a mentor or having a mentor.
As a mentor, you are creating a significant part of your legacy.

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