Consulting and Business Coaching Packages

30 Day Program

Many people have business ideas and goals but don’t quite know how to convert them into reality. Even with a road map you may be encountering fog which may cause delays, disruptions or even stop your progress.

All too often, we wake up one day and wonder what is it I have to do to have a successful business and family life. With the proper mindset and a plan you can reach your success destination.

This discovery package will help you identify and clarify where you want to go and outline a strategy for getting there.

3 one hour coaching sessions,
Includes Personality Assessment and Email Support

Investment $625

60 Day Program

This plan also starts with a personality assessment. After the assessment we work at understanding your desired goals and the challenges to reach them. We then move into the Vision and Goal setting process so that we can define the steps required to get you more time and income.

You will be guided to start implementing the strategy to reach your desired destination

6 One-Hour Coaching Sessions
Includes Personality Assessment and Email Support

Investment $1,150

90 Day Premium Program

This package is for high achieving individuals who are serious about living life to their absolute fullest potential while growing their business profitably. 

Personal transformation begins as our mindset becomes flexible and clear, like a new pair of glasses. This package starts with a personality assessment and getting clarity on goals. We then move into defining your vision and establishing a goal with a plan for achievement using the OFTEN Framework.

This is all done with the objective of reducing your work hours and increasing your income.

10 One-Hour Coaching Sessions
Includes Personality Assessment and Email Support and
The Ziglar Performance Planner

Investment $1,700

All meetings are by phone or Web conference. Special arrangements can be made to meet in person

Teams Perform

Robert Kiyosaki (Author, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”), says your people should be your greatest assets! Many just need to have their potential unlocked just the right way. 

Sales Emerge

“Emerge” is right. My OFTEN Framework reveals things that are “hiding in plain sight.” That’s a relief because there’s no reinventing the wheel.

Profits Grow

Built a business? Then you know profits aren’t as easy as “Build it and they’ll come.” The OFTEN™ Framework is like a radar, scanning and finding where to unlock more profits.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

The question I have for you is,
“What is your genius?”

Armando broke down my goals making it easier for me to understand since I have a poor background in business, then steered me in the right direction to make it possible.

As I keep growing in my career, I plan to keep using Armando for coaching
Happy Business Client, Ricardo Rodriguez
Ricardo Rodriguez
Commercial Real Estate

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Discovery is seeing what everyone else sees… but thinking how no one else thinks. 

There’s no obligation to do any sort of transaction. Every day that passes is one you and I both can’t ever get back. 

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