Of Course, You're Worried!
So What Are You Doing About It?

Armando Garcia

One thing that we find difficult is to stop worrying.

Logically we know that we're attacking our physical body.

I remember a challenge as a Vice president of Marketing and Sales for Elec and Eltek, a Hong Kong based company.

A product we were trying to sell was not was moving, missing it's sales target by a huge amount.

Sales were projected to be 10,000 units per month and after six months only 5,000 had been sold. I was out of ideas as to how to increase sales.

This caused me worry and anxiety because we were a public company and if word got out, the stock price would be hammered.

Right about this time I received a visit from the Managing Director. He asked me only one question, "what are you doing about it?"

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This question shook me out of my worry pattern and got me to thinking of ways to reintroduce the product.

Within three months we sold 70,000 units.

New to me was the idea that a single question can shake up your thinking and open you up to new ideas and possibilities.

It was like a fog lifting on a sunny day at the beach.

There was clarity and hope.

I'd like to say that I use the question every time I’m worried, but the truth is that sometimes worry comes over me like a tsunami.

During times of worry and anxiety it takes me a while to think of the question, "What are you doing about it".

Then I sometimes think of the Serenity Prayer;

serenity prayer

We should be careful that we don't use prayer as a crutch for not evoking our own power.

We're all full of potential and can release the power with positive and proper questioning.

Next time you feel worry, ask yourself – "What are you doing about it?"

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Armando works very closely with businesses to show them how they can stick to a clear set of goals and guides them through the steps it takes to attain them. When Armando's not serving his clients, he's running one of his other three family-run businesses or getting hugs and kisses from his grand kids.