2 Thoughts this Navy sailor used in the midst of fear

Armando Garcia

During this challenging time we are, as stated by President Trump, at war with an invisible enemy.

As a former member of the US Navy I recall how I felt when we were threatened by an enemy and the thoughts that got me through the fear.

As some of the sailors were breaking down and crying the rest of us focused on helping one another and preparing for engagement with the enemy.

The thought was to focus on what needed to be done and then address the next step. We fell back to our training—meaning we relied on and trusted what we had been taught.  And we knew that we were ready for this.

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The other thought was to be clear about the situation, clarity, this allowed us to be calm and to execute our duties.

Our government, our educational system, our families and our acquaintances have all, in some way or another prepared us for this new war.

What we need to do now is to see clearly what needs to be done and not panic, knowing that this is temporary.

Clarity is what allows us to move forward.

If you’re feeling stressed, take 5 minutes to visualize a good outcome knowing that it’s how we respond to the current situation that will determine our future.

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