"Who is this guy?"

It's okay. I'd be skeptical too, especially these days, when everyone you run into is claiming to be a "Coach" of some kind. 

That kind of thing gets my goat too. There are so many coaches and consultants running around, having found their advice out of books and maybe some blogs that you just don’t have time to read. 

They might sound smart—and a few might even be very smart. 

I thought it might give you a little more confidence knowing about some of the trenches I’ve been through and things I’ve had a part in building.

Armando Garcia Business Coach
48Days Certified Coach
A DISC Certified Instructor uses natural personalities to leverage the best results in business

There's no guessing to any of this. Just years of this...

Started a company, while employed full time, with $9,000 and grew it to $7,000,000.  It’s still in existence after 30 years—only today, sales are at $2,500,000.

Started another company with $15,000 and grew it to $84,000,000 in revenue, closed it down in 2001 after 15 years in business.

Acquired 3 companies

Started a company with $1,100,000, refinanced my house and took out an SBA loan, and ended up having to sell it for $150,000


Wow, what a ride and education.  I’ve gone from being an assembly line technician to being responsible for 200 employees in my companies during the peak.  Even further back I went from a high school drop out to business success.

And all this was accomplished while being married raising two daughters, coaching youth sports and not working weekends.   My wife was always involved in our business on the Finance and Administrative side.  My daughters are successful in their own right with families and careers.  My youngest daughter is an Attorney and my other daughter runs our IT Services Company.   Here’s something interesting, neither one is in their College Degree field of subject matter.  One was a BS in Film and Theater and the other has a BS in Kinesiology.   Can you guess which one has the Juris Doctorate?

Let me guide you through the building, maintaining and growing of your business without stressing your personal life. I’ve been there.

Apple Intel Hispanic Business Magazine and The Mercury News
CRN500, Zig Ziglar Certified, Boy and Girls Club

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Discovery is seeing what everyone else sees… but thinking how no one else thinks. 

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