Is Your Governor
Holding You Back?

Armando Garcia

Back in my day when you rented a U Haul truck, they had governors. The governor limited the truck's speed.

It was set at 55 miles per hour, so no matter how far and how long you pushed the gas pedal, you could never exceed 55 miles per hour — unless you were going downhill.

Sometimes in life we attempt to reach a goal and no matter how hard we try, we just can't seem to make progress.

Sound familiar? Sounds familiar to me.

When I first started selling technology equipment, it was very frustrating because no matter how hard I worked, my income would not change.

My compensation was commissioned-based and I could not get past a certain level.

This was a governor taking over.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz, a skilled cosmetic surgeon, recognized and explained this mystery in one of the books that I came across.

*Much of his work is the basis of the teachings of Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy.

Dr, Maltz discovered that when his patients received cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance, they would still feel the same about their looks even though physically the change had taken place.

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Why weren't people changing the way they felt after changing the way they looked?

Being puzzled by this, he started researching and discovered that people had governors (my words) that blocked them from feeling better.

Once he addressed this governor belief system, patients started feeling better.

Some felt so good that they didn't desire surgery any longer!

Today, with all the advertising and social media, our governors are being set by outside forces.

It's time to take control and reset our governor.

Many professional athletes use Dr. Maltz’s techniques to improve their performance.

What is this technique?

Visualization of a positive outcome.

Visualization in vivid detail and not just once, but at least daily.

It's even a powerful technique for children.

Ask your children what they would like to be better at and then have them visualize it, even make a story about it. Practice it daily in one to two-minute increments.

Is this a magic pill?


It's hard work to consistently and persistently visualize positive outcomes.

Here's to breaking past the limits on whatever your governor is.

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Armando works very closely with businesses to show them how they can stick to a clear set of goals and guides them through the steps it takes to attain them. When Armando's not serving his clients, he's running one of his other three family-run businesses or getting hugs and kisses from his grand kids.