Goals? ... are Magical? Maybe.

Armando Garcia

Is there magic in goal setting?

A simplified definition of magic: the use of something supernatural to affect something natural. And according to Merriam Webster, supernatural is

of or reflecting to an order of existence beyond the visible observable.

I believe there is magic—not like the Harry Potter kind—but based on our unseeable past experiences.

When we speak of goals, we're simply speaking of sticking to a system that we develop after deciding on what we want.

Something as simple as a grocery list is part of a system to achieve a goal.

Entering the grocery store is a step toward getting the food or drink items. So what's the goal?

To stay alive!

That simple example above was to show that we all have goals—conscious or unconscious.

Back when I had a business in the I.T. industry, there was a time I was struggling.

I had severely reduced my salary…

… to $0 a year.

Setting goals doesn't need to be complicated

The business was on the brink of closing.

As I was laying in bed one Saturday morning, I saw a Tony Robbins infomercial and got excited. I remember telling my wife, "Things are going to get better because I now have a system!"

"Things are going to get better, I just know it!" 

I ordered the Personal Power tapes and wanted to go beyond the program.

So I got in touch with the local Tony Robbins’ franchise owner, Joe Kolezynski.

Self help goal program from Anthony Robbins

He mentored and encouraged me through the goal setting process. Although my goals were material at the time, it still proved to me that goal setting works.

This was all around 1995, and those material goals included a 5,000 sq. ft. home, a Mercedes 420 SEL and a housekeeper.

(Almost. The house was only 4,989 sq. ft. so I fell 11 sq. ft. short there) 😉

Oh, and by the way, business was back on track and starting to grow profitably.

Looking to getting your business past a plateau?

Shorten your learning curve and learn from the many mistakes that I made (and successes) over the last 37+ years.


Before I understood goal setting,

...I had a basic goal to someday have an all-expense paid trip to Reno, Nevada.

Big dream, right?

In my 20's I would drive my grandfather to Reno once or twice a year because he enjoyed the slot machines.

Since I didn't have much money back then (if any), most of my time was spent watching everyone around me having fun—drinking, eating and gambling. So I set the Reno goal with no way of knowing how it was going to happen.

One day while working at my job in customer service, my manager came up to me and said, "I understand that you and your wife are going to Lake Tahoe this weekend."

I replied, "Yes." He added, "I want you to have dinner at Harvey's Top of the Wheel and bring me the receipt."

It wasn't all expenses paid, but it was dinner at a place I couldn't afford.

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A year later, my wife and I got to go to Reno! That same company sent me (and a guest) to a sales conference at the MGM Grand—what's now the Grand Sierra Resort.

So is there "magic" in goal setting? I believe there is, but it's like Disney magic.

Disney magic appears magical because of all the systems that are diligently followed. According to Webster, supernatural is, of or relating to an order of existence beyond the visible or observable.

There is magic to goal-setting…

But it takes planning and work.

From my time on this planet, I've come up with goals for these 7 areas of my life:

  • Career/Business
  • Personal
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Mental
  • Family
  • Financial

With a goal-setting system,

  • you will achieve your goals and
  • your family and friends will want to know how you did it.

Goal setting gives you the power to accomplish much. Start with small goals to get momentum then graduate to bigger goals.

When you use your magic by achieving your goals, you will appear to others as an overnight success.

I wish you the best in achieving your goals.

Garcia in suit friendly standing

About The Author

Armando works very closely with businesses to show them how they can stick to a clear set of goals and guides them through the steps it takes to attain them. When Armando's not serving his clients, he's running one of his other three family-run businesses or getting hugs and kisses from his grand kids.